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Is Nighttime Massage Key to Peaceful Sleep?

General Medicine has come a long way in the past few decades in recognizing the verifiable benefits of massage therapy on conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and more recently, sleep. It makes perfect sense, from the moment we are born, touch helps us communicate, grounds us to the world, and connects us to others.

In this way, it is unsurprising that the treatment has such a beneficial effect on relaxation and general health. But if you’re wondering whether nighttime massage is the key to peaceful sleep or just another false hope, we’ve done the research to bring you the answer. The good news is, whether you struggle with insomnia, depression, or any number of sleep-related problems, there is a good chance the therapy could help you improve.

What is Massage Therapy?

If you haven’t experienced therapeutic massage before, odds are you know someone who has. But if you’ve ever wondered what goes on during a typical appointment, the truth is, it varies. The treatment generally centers on the manipulation of soft tissues for an overall improvement of one’s well being according to Northwestern Health Sciences University, but that improvement can come about in a variety of ways. Aside from the fact that there are many different methods, people also seek out therapy for a variety of reasons, including pain relief, relaxation, treatment for mental disorders, and even behavioral issues. From laying on a table at a spa while someone places steaming hot rocks directly on your skin, to sitting fully clothed on an inclined chair in a break room somewhere, it all falls under the umbrella of massage therapy. While in most states therapists are required to have a license, not even that is a constant, and you can find therapists all over the world ranging from those who have practiced for generations, to those who took it up in the past few weeks.

-Katie Harris

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